Anyone who has ever met me in person will know that I talk a lot. I’ll happily shoot the breeze about anything with anyone. And if it’s a subject I really care about, like women and their career options after having children for instance, then I’ll bang on and on about it til someone stops me.

The I Like Family Show logoSo it was a real treat for me to be interviewed on a podcast called the I Like Family Show recently. The host and interviewer, Rey Brown, has a lovely style of unhurried speech (not to mention his lovely Dallas accent) and he really put me at my ease – letting me talk uninterrupted, whilst still contributing many of his own insightful thoughts.

He and his wife are about to have their second child, so the issue of maternity leave and career is high up on the list of things they’re thinking about right now, so it made for a good discussion.

Some of the topics we covered included:

  • Negotiating flexible working arrangements when returning to work after maternity leave
  • Preparing to leave your job at the end of maternity leave – what you need to have in place
  • What to take into consideration when deciding whether to go back to work or not
  • How a second maternity leave differs to the first time round

I really enjoyed doing this interview, and will definitely be on the look out for more to do 😉

And I’m very excited about my own Maternity Leavers podcast which is currently in the planning phase and (fingers crossed) will be ready to launch on 26th May (putting a deadline on it will help me to stick to it!)

You can listen to the show on iTunes here (it’s episode 55) or on the I Like Family website here.

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Soozi Baggs

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Soozi is a career conscious mum of 3 year old twin boys.
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