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MLI 16 Christine Marion-JolicoeurIn episode 16 I talk to Christine Marion-Jolicoeur, who is the creator of the Joyful You website and Joyful Parenting blog, as well as still working full time in her field of social work. Joyful You really is her passion project, but although she enjoys it she’s not in a hurry to turn it into a full time business. We talk about this slow burning approach to business building during our interview, as well as a whole load of other stuff…

It all started during her second maternity leave, which she found much more reflective than the first. She journalled a lot, and used tools and exercises, picked up from her social work career, to support herself through the challenges of being a parent to now two children. The blog developed from conversations she had with other parents and became a way to get information to them to save her repeating herself!

We talk about setting goals for ourselves and how recovering perfectionist Christine is currently quite happy with taking a ‘see how it goes’ approach. One of my favourite quotes from the interview (which shows just how far she’s come in her perfectionist recovery) is “You can get 90% there doing it the easy way, and no one’s going to notice the other 10% anyway”. Great advice to those of us who spend way too much time polishing stuff off unnecessarily.

She feels her best decision in terms of building her business was to invest in herself by joining a mastermind group. She’d started out by doing everything cheaply or free, but investing in herself took her to another level. And when we talked about obstacles, she said the biggest one was needing to get out of her own way. Doing things like keeping the blog secret for ages because it wasn’t yet ‘good enough’ or spending hours tweaking fonts and colours when it wasn’t that important – her problem was really her own self sabotage. And I can relate to that.

It’s a great interview, full of good advice and a lot of laughs too. Enjoy.


Lovely Links and where to find Christine online


Christine’s website is and from there you can connect with her on the Joyful You page on Facebook and visit the Joyful Parenting blog.

As she mentions in the interview, if you go to the Web Store page on her website and buy either the Joyful Parenting ecourse or Workbook, put in the code: maternity leavers at the checkout to get a free copy of the Joyful Memories ebook.

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