MLI 17 Maggie Patterson Communications StrategistMaggie Patterson was an Account Director in a PR agency before going freelance 9 years ago whilst on maternity leave. She now works with mainly small businesses on their copywriting, content, and communications strategies; and hosts the Marketing Moxie podcast.

It was perhaps a logical step for her to go freelance as she knew when she was pregnant that she wouldn’t want to go back to her job after 12 months maternity leave. She loved the work, but the lack of flexibility over hours, concerns over what she’d be able to do if her child was ever sick, and an entrepreneurial mindset (which meant she wanted to make money for herself rather than for someone else) all led to a pretty strong push to start her own thing.

Despite not really planning the mechanics of it all; with the contacts she already had, she had clients contacting her within days of handing in her notice. In fact this steady stream of contacts and referrals kept her going for so long that she didn’t even have a website until last year!

We talk about the balance of childcare – putting them somewhere long enough we’re able to get some work done, but not so long we may as well as have continued working full time anyway. And how the needs of our business grow and develop in the same way the childcare needs of our children do. In other words, parenting a 3 year old is not the same as parenting a 10 month old baby, so we have to plan for our business and its future accordingly.

We discuss a bit about priorities, the value of joining a mastermind group, and go off on a random tangent about paramedics. All in all, we have a lot of laughs and Maggie shares plenty of wisdom from her 9 years in business.


Links and Where to find Maggie online


Maggie’s website is I can’t recommend it highly enough – it’s beautiful, and as you’d expect, the copy and content is exceptional. Full details on there if you want to work with Maggie yourself, and plenty of free things too.

Her podcast is Marketing Moxie. Search those words on iTunes and it comes up easily, or click the link for the iTunes web version. Show notes are on her website and you can listen from there too.

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