MLI 21 Pippa BestFor episode 21 I interviewed Pippa Best who has three ‘jobs’. She works as part of a job share for the Cross Channel Film Lab (a collaboration between the UK and France), she runs fantastic website Story of Mum, and she’s a mother to two children.

Before having children she was working in the film industry and had an unhealthy relationship with work. She worked long hours and felt that her identity was tied up with her job – that if she wasn’t working she didn’t have value. After her children were born this developed into what she describes as being a ‘mumaholic’ – trying to be a perfect mum and wearing herself out in doing so.

This experience led her to create Story of Mum. It’s a space where mums can come together and share their ups and downs, tell their stories, and engage in creative activities. It started as a way to support herself and has grown into something much bigger which is supporting other mums through retreats, an exhibition they ran last year, and monthly Twitter make dates – among lots of other things.

We also talk about her freelancing and job share arrangement. Job shares are still relatively uncommon, and yet such a great way of keeping more women in the workforce and giving employers value at the same time. Pippa also finds that having someone to share the responsibility with allows her to focus more, be more productive, and she’s generally less stressed – even in her senior position.


Links and Where to find Pippa online


Story of Mum is at Take a few moments there to join the community so you can take part in the activities and receive the monthly newsletter – and a Gold Star reward chart, a great idea to reward yourself for being a fab mum.

You can also find out about the Sunday morning retreats in Penzance and upcoming residential retreats. Pippa is also in the midst of creating an ecourse, so watch out for that.

You can join in with Pippa and Story of Mum on social media too: – join in the make dates on the 2nd Wednesday of each month – watch for the #somum hashtag

Pippa also talks about the School for Social Entrepreneurs during the interview. Although we discuss the Cornwall branch, there are branches all over the UK, and in Australia and Canada too. If you’re thinking of setting up a social enterprise or non profit it’s worth checking out.

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