MLI 8: Kelly Pietrangeli - My Project MeEpisode 8 features Kelly Pietrangeli (listen to the introduction to hear my wonderful pronunciation) and Kelly calls herself a ‘Mama Motivator’. Her latest business My Project Me is all about making mums happy – helping us look at our life in an objective way and seeing where we can balance certain areas better.

Kelly is American and her early career was spent in glamorous jobs in Hollywood (including being a press assistant to a certain A-list celebrity – all is revealed in the show!) After that she moved to London and worked in the music industry as a record sleeve designer. We talk about how when she became pregnant she knew she’d have to give up her life of going to concerts and gigs in the evenings, and how she went about making her decision about what to do next.

We discuss parenting skills and how our ability as parents has a big impact on our business if we work for ourselves from home, and how her experience of stepping back from her first freelance business ultimately led to what she’s doing now with Project Me.

We also talk about the importance of a support network. For Kelly it’s about her Power Posse – a group of her and two other women who get together once a month to discuss their life and progress – and make action plans for the next month.


Lovely Links and where to find Kelly online


Kelly’s main website is On there you can get a free Life Wheel Tool to do a self assessment of your life and help you to find better balance. Signing up for that will also mean you get Kelly’s Monday Motivator email.

We discussed in the interview about the Power Pal Pack, and you can find more details of that on the Project Me website.

Kelly mentions her great community on Facebook and she’s pretty active on Twitter so go and say Hi to her there too. She’s even on Pinterest!

During the interview Kelly mentions B-School and Clare from Breathe Online, and the excellent parenting skills course she took (and later ended up helping to run) at the Parent Practice, so check those recommendations out too.

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